Terms and Conditions

Island Boutique Pearls Facebook Pearl Parties are for entertainment purposes only.

Currently, we sell to USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

All retail prices on this site are by default in USD currency, please use the currency switcher on any page to change to your currency of CAD or Pounds Sterling.

Currently, our pearls are Freshwater pearls inserted into Akoya shells.

Most of our Freshwater pearls are dyed and will eventually revert back to their original color of white or dark.

All pearls come with blemishes and some luster is not as lustrous as others. You might not see them on the camera but they will be described to you either in the live video or on the listing if completed jewelry.

All sales are final unless something is broken, then it will be replaced or the money refunded, this will be the customer’s choice.
Please note, blemishes on the pearl(s) or the luster of the pearl(s) is not considered a broken item, as stated above, all blemishes and/or luster on the pearl(s), will be described to you.

We do not value the pearl. We list retail prices on this site for all unfinished and finished jewelry, plus for our games and oyster openings.

If an item arrives and the package looks like it’s been run over by a truck, do not accept it, refuse it, so it comes back to us. Let us know, so we can replace it for you.

If an item does arrive damaged, please take a picture of it and send us the picture. We will have insurance on every package and will need the picture in order to get the claim paid out.

Some of our jewelry items are .925 Sterling Silver, plated with Rhodium, just like in a jewelry store, so they will not tarnish. Some of our rings are made from a non-tarnishing .925 Sterling Silver.

We also have some items that are straight .925 Sterling Silver and will tarnish over time. We will try and provide an anti-tarnish cloth with those items, so you can keep them polished. If we forget to put a cloth in those items, please contact us and we will send one out to you at no charge.

We have a few items that are Silver-plate and those can tarnish as well.

Another way to keep your Sterling Silver from tarnishing is to keep it in a ziplock plastic bag with no air in it. It’s the air that makes the silver tarnish.

Disclaimer: While we aim to provide accurate product information, the information has been provided by manufacturers, suppliers, and others, we have done our due diligence, but cannot promise that it’s 100% accurate.